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Programme 2018
Champagne Pairs Combined Results
Saturday 13th October 18
Saturday 29 September 18
Saturday 6 October 2018
Monday 1 October 18
Champagne Pairs Round 1
Champagne Pairs 2 Monday 8 October 18
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Port Macquarie Bridge Club

Champagne Pairs Combined Results
Monday 8 October 18

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Score %Master
B4c Spec' Club
1Bob Stewart & Denise Strain823/ 134461.241.05
2Lesley & Rod Easton810/ 134460.27.74
3Diana Zanon & Ruth Herdegen798/ 134459.38.53
4Annette Barnard & Irene Harvey766/ 134456.99.35
5Ray Ingielewicz & Pat Sleat737/ 132055.83.26
6Trevor Taylor & Ron Davies732/ 134454.46.21
7Jill Heffernan & Maria Spaans694/ 134451.64.18
8Yvonne Breakwell & Elaine Moss685/ 134450.97.15
9Anneleen Husken & Carry Williamson679/ 134450.52.13
10Robyn Glover & Jessie Seago671/ 134449.93 
11Pearl Moors & Gwen Robinson659/ 134449.03 
12Roslyn Mckenzie & Lyn Redgate647/ 134448.14 
13Fran & Walter Masman631/ 134446.95 
14=Marjorie Morris & Narelle Young616/ 134445.83 
14=Colleen Berry & Judy England616/ 134445.83 
16Mavis D'Este & Cynthia Brady612/ 134445.54 
17Graham Gilbert & Steve Goldstein588/ 132044.55 

Ranking   Travellers

Handicapped Ranking

Handicap values are from File: Division 2
PosPlayersOriginal Score%Handicap Score%Adjusted Score%
1Trevor Taylor & Ron Davies+54.46+1.00+53.46
2Anneleen Husken & Carry Williamson+50.52+1.00+49.52
3Pearl Moors & Gwen Robinson+49.03+1.00+48.03
4Fran & Walter Masman+46.95+1.00+45.95
5Marjorie Morris & Narelle Young+45.83+1.00+44.83
6Mavis D'Este & Cynthia Brady+45.54+1.00+44.54
7Graham Gilbert & Steve Goldstein+44.55+1.00+43.55


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